Recipes durable and maintains color for dyed hair

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Some hair after dyeing hair is very dry or damaged, you should avoid shampooing with peppermint shampoo, because the quality of mint is very easy to lose color treated hair. So choosing the right product for dyeing hair.
Hair dye brings you the youthful appearance and modern, but it also requires special care. Because the hair is very easy to use dry chemicals and lose essential moisture to the hair.
Usually reserved for shampoo hair dyed lighter effect than the conventional medium protects hair fiber and less prone to split ends, reduce damage to both help keep longer hair color, hair dye or perm always need special care differentiated by its own colored hair care. In addition, you should use a natural conditioner for healthy hair. Avoid peppermint shampoo you okay, because the quality of mint is very easy to lose color treated hair, long hard mahogany color. Use a shampoo and conditioner that contains specially formulated to keep hair dye always shiny, silky soft.
With the dyed hair, the shampoo should pay attention to the water temperature. Even in winter the weather is very cold, you should also wash your hair with warm water or cold water, as hot water can make hair dye fade fast, hard to keep the color.
The trick to keeping color treated hair
With some fresh colors like chestnut brown, yellow, you can use rosemary leaves in water and boil for, then extract condensed water and apply to your hair every time you shampoo. Oil from this herb helps the hair color lighter. With this kind of black or dark brown dyed hair, you can use coffee water washes applied to the hair in the end, that is used as a conditioner, so your hair will be more beautiful and durable.

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